South Asian Literature Analysis

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Chapter I Introduction would introduce the history of South Asian Women writings demarking their evolution as a distinct form of Literary Tradition. The chapter would also trace the shifts in their concerns from compliance to retaliation to acceptance of their womanhood. The chapter would introduce the key concept of the Quest for identity in the fiction of South Asian Women novelists. Appraising the fact that this literature is written by women belonging to a conventionally proudly patriarchal society where women have been primarily servile and compliant, one crucial issue in the research is how the women protagonists assert, fight against being ‘Othered’ and gradually accept and learn to appreciate their womanhood. The woman writer, at every…show more content…
They stand out at several places though unconsciously in a repressed manner. They are taken up for discussion as the most conspicuous taboos in the context of South Asian Literature by the researcher. Women strive for a higher grade of sexual freedom and are represented as unconventional and freed South Asian female figure. In recent times, one can witness an increased consciousness of a strain between acceptance of the profligacy on one hand and a justification of the established norms on the other. All these writings have, in recent times, begun to raise the question of sexuality, not so much in terms of understanding gender as a category or class, but sexuality as heteronormative schema of thinking about gender. The social milieu is crucial for comprehending the growth of the protagonists and his subsequent quest for identity. The chapter endeavours to emphasize that sexuality and gender abuse are still undercurrent and have major role to suppress the original identity of…show more content…
South Asian women writers view man-woman relationship from a slightly different perspective because of a different historical background. History for them plays a vital role in shaping and defining their sensibilities. Contemporary South Asian women writers who have aroused much admiration by their acclaimed literary achievements are demanding a revision of basic attitudes towards women. The fiction by these authors herald the emergence of the New Woman, undeterred, unfettered, free to make decisions in her life and

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