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Spiritual Assessment Many people see spirituality as a concept that is larger than themselves. Often times spirituality and religion are intertwined in a way that makes them difficult to distinguish from one another. According to Jarvis (2006), spirituality is derived from each person's life experiences and personal effort to find purpose. Spiritual Assessment tools are important to gauge a patient's spiritual beliefs and to properly support them during illness. Spiritual Assessment Tools are found in a variety of forms and setting. Spiritual assessments have been used in various health care settings and for multiple purposes. Most often, the tools are used to gain an understanding of an individual's beliefs and strengths. According to Puchalski,…show more content…
Upon self evaluation I found that my answers made it appear as though I have minimal spiritual beliefs. I know that I am not without spirituality, but rather could not answer the questions in a way that properly reflect my own beliefs. The questions in the FICA Tool are direct, broad, and uncreative. The open ended format used in the FICA Tool may be effective for some subjects but I found it rather uninspiring and therefore did not provide much spiritual information from me. What I Learned About Asking Spiritual (or Cultural) Assessment Questions I learned that a deeper understanding of my spiritual values are influenced by how questions are presented and delivered. The FICA Tool assumes that the subject being questioned would have a level of spirituality that is in line with the questions and can afford completion of the assessment tool. Upon interviewing my friend Jeremy with the FICA I could tell that he uncomfortable and obligated to answer the questions in a manner that he thought I would approve of. This obligation, is no doubt was due to people's inherent desire to be accepted by one another. How the Knowledge Gained From This Assignment Will Impact My

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