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A teacher must always be a manager. Even when a teacher seems to turn control over to their students, the teacher is still the manager. The first role of the classroom teacher towards the learner is to assess the behavior of the students; to develop their knowledge and enhance skills; to create a good relationship as students and teachers; and to mold their students into a distinctive character by teaching good manners and right conduct. They are also the one who implements rules and regulations to organize and maintain the orderliness of his students, to be the role model of the class and to show the passion he has for his profession as a teacher. During my observation of the students, I often asked myself how I can effectively handle discipline problems. In my almost four months stay in Kaong National High School I experience difficulty in managing the student in the classroom.…show more content…
These problems affect the whole classroom, it distracts other students from learning and as a teacher I spent my instruction time on discipline and behavior management. I reach to the point where I could not take it anymore. I told them that I report their names to the guidance. There are students who make things to distract the class, I told them to go, they say sorry and asked me if they could stay in the classroom. I allowed them to stay, but they had to be quiet. Based on my research to reduce student-behavior problems we need to set clear boundaries for students in our classrooms and strengthen techniques for engaging them in learning. At the school level, building administrators must introduce policies and programs that emphasize personal growth and responsibility. Some rules that help to reduce student-behavior problems are being friendly but not a friend, engagement as prevention, creating the right conditions, and developing

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