Should People Have The Moral Right To End Your Life Essay

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1. Should people have the moral right to end their lives if they so please? I don’t think people should just end their lives. No one like to be left alone and sad. We all gets to live ones don’t waste the chance of living in ending the life you have live your life to the end. It may appear right in the eyes of this person who is living such condition in his life. The man claims that he has lived long enough and is tired. He also claims that is illness is killing himself and do not want to waste money paying for his treatment. As we know this person wants to end his life because he is tired and does not want to bother anyone to take care of him; thus, his pursue is to end his life so he can rest happily after. On the other hand, killing…show more content…
We think that assisting someone to die is actually committing a murder, therefore is not right to seek assistance because the person who assists to die the other one will end up in prison with a number of charges. 5. Do people have the right to give assistance in dying? No, people do not have the right to give assistance in dying because it will be considered a murder and this person will have problems with legal authorities and even may end up in prison for life. In addition, it is no ethical in doing so. In contrast, this person should give assistance but in terms of looking for professional assistance in case this person is really ill and needs treatment or medication or physiologist in case this person is mentally ill and needs a specific treatment so ending his/her life will not be an option for them. 6. What kind of restrictions, if any, should there be on assisted suicide? There should not be any restrictions on assisted suicide as it is not considered right in the eyes of the public and society in general, and it’s not legal. It could however be argued that in certain circumstances a person should be allowed to take his or her own life, but if society took any steps to make it legal for even certain people to kill themselves such a rule would automatically discriminate other groups and anger many

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