Julius Caesar Strengths

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare describe the journey of Brutus and Cassius lead to murder Julius Caesar, and the revenge of Antony on them for the sake of Caesar’s death. Portia and Cassius are seen as weak characters throughout the play; however, Brutus and Antony are seen as powerful men who fear of being known as unhonorable to the citizen of Rome. Portia and Antony illustrates fragile characters even through their deaths. Portia always tried to show that she was more powerful than any other woman to know the secret Brutus hid from her. She even cutted herself to prove that she could hold in pain. Although she promised to keep the promise that Brutus was going to kill Caesar she could barely keep it as a secret and not…show more content…
At the end of the story, Brutus kills himself by making sato to hold the sword that killed Cassius and Caesar. He ran into that sword making him kill himself and throw away the moral of seeing committing suicide the most weak way to die. Because he always feared that the people might look down upon him if he was captured as a prisoner, he killed himself to still be remembered as a honorable men. Nevertheless, it was weak for Brutus to not face his own defeat from Antony and just avoiding the conflict or not trying to find a solution by dying. In addition, Antony said that he would seek revenge for the death of Julius Caesar, but he rose in power to steal the money of the people and use them instead of helping like he promised he would. This perceives him as not a honest men because he is very selfish by only thinking about himself and not truly caring for the people like Brutus did. Therefore, Brutus and Antony always wanted to be seen as strong people because of their fear of being seen as useless and weak liars, but they were not truly strong men throughout the play. In conclusion, the most powerful people in the play are Brutus and Antony because they were always brave and known to be courageous, honorable men. Even so, there are still fragile people like Portia and Cassius in the play that could not hold to situations that they could not handle and eventually kill
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