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The origin and development of psychological assessments assist the modern day psychological assessors recognize the importance of psychological assessment. The practice of assessment measures can be traced back in the early times. Psychology only started to succeed and grow as a science since the development of the scientific method. The twentieth century observes frank progress in psychological assessments. The ancient development of contemporary psychological measures in South Africa followed a similar pattern to that in the United States and Europe. Psychological assessment in South Africa was developed in an environment categorized by the unequal distribution of resources based on racial categories. The objective is to understand how the…show more content…
Psychometrics is the psychological theory or technique of mental measurements. The objective of the measurements is of skills and knowledge, attitude, abilities, personality traits and educational measurements. Psychological assessments is a process of testing that utilises a combination of techniques to help reach at some hypothesis about a person’s behaviour, personality and capabilities. It’s also referred to as psychological testing or batteries. There are four components to the psychological assessments namely interviews, informal assessments, observation and norm-referenced…show more content…
Its more than just the administration of psychological measures and involves various ways of assessing and evaluating human behaviour and potential to better understand, describe and predict people’s behaviour. Alwyn Moerdyk, 2015 “explains the 5 reasons assessing people and other phenomena”: 1. To acquire accurate information to describe an existing or current situation 2. To improve an understanding of reasons for the occurrence of an existing situation 3. To recommend ways of changing an existing situation 4. To clarify the impact of any intervention or change

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