Social Work Theory: Understanding Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Perspective

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Social Work Theory: Understanding BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual Perspective Amira Turner Virginia Commonwealth University Define the term theory as related to social work practice Theories are observations that have been made over and over again about what influences human behavior. They are educated guesses that have been tested and gained validity through other professionals in the field. What this means for social work is we are dealing with countless individuals, groups, and populations and need some form of structure and reasoning behind how we can best assist them. Theories provide the foundation for where to start. They are built on experience and have been validated through extensive testing and research. If…show more content…
These factors include the environment in which individuals live, the people individuals are surrounded by, the social systems individuals are a part of as well as those that may be restricting them. The types of social norms and values individuals are used to. Whether or not they can afford necessities of daily life, how they are earning income, what type of education they have access to. All of this must be taken into consideration when we are looking at how to best serve our clients or client…show more content…
What makes up the person, how the person thinks, what and who influence the person, and the individuals need for spirituality. These are not mutually exclusive subsets, but all interconnect to define the holistic makings of the individuals we serve. By ignoring any area, we are doing a disservice to our clients. Through the biopsychosocial spiritual framework, we uncover strengths embedded within our clients. By uncovering strengths to our clients, we build a foundation for them to become empowered to overcome their challenges, improve quality of life, and succeed independent of others. Show how Biopsychosocial spiritual framework could be used to understand and intervene with specific population or social problem The biopsychosocial spiritual framework is essential in working with addiction. Addiction is a multidimensional construct, with so many variables that no two individuals are the same in their

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