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Year-Round School Picture that it’s your first day back to school. You're eager to see your friends and learn new things, but as you stroll into your math class your teacher announces, “Pop quiz. Time to see what you remember from last year.” You get the quiz and discover you can’t remember anything. This is a common predicament known as summer slide. Good news, summer slide is being remedied by year-round school. I know what you are thinking. School all the time without any summer break! That’s not actually how it is. Year-Round school has you in school for the 180 days that regular school does, but they are spread out over various periods with breaks in between. The most common form of year-round school is the 45-15 agenda. This means you have 45 school days in school, then 15 school days off. Better yet, normal breaks are still incorporated. Year-Round school is superior to conventional school because it prevents summer slide, helps students refresh their brains, and summer may get boring for students. How long do you have to review…show more content…
During summer, there is not much to do. The most common phrase of summer is “I’m bored.” In year-round school, summer won’t get boring because it’s non-existent. Instead their are short breaks in the middle of the school year. This is great because students will be able to do the things they would normally do in the summer, all throughout the school year. This means there will be less boredom. “Year-round school eliminates the need to fill 12 weeks of vacation with activities to keep your child interested and engaged,” (Kalil). I personally have found that after the first few weeks of summer, I have nothing really to do. I just have to sit there and be bored. By letting students have shorter more frequent breaks, it eliminates the need for a lot of activities to keep students interested, because students can do the same things throughout each break and not become uninterested in them because they are spread

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