Reliability And Validity Assessment

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Reliability and Validity Assessment Introduction Reliability and Validity are often applied as a commonly in a qualitative research and it has been considered the main point of the researches. Therefore, in order to be used in a naturalistic way they would have to be redefined; in a point where there are positioned or based on positivism. When an assessment or other measuring techniques are used as the main part of the collection process, which it leads to the importance of validity and reliability of the assessment. Assessment is the main key which makes teaching into teaching, without using the assessment of what have the students learned from the lectures that were given to them- It’s…show more content…
There are couple of examples Alternate-Form where questions are altered in the psychological testing. There’s also Internal-consistency of reliability which is generally used in references towards relatedness degree of all the techniques or the items in testing or there is also found in all raters inside the judgment study. (Schmitt & L, year 1993). Reliability refers to consistency and repeatability. In more words, a reliable testing or assessment gives us the idea of an image of what have learners understood and know that they are able to do. For instance, we can switch gears a bit to talk about reliability, a term we use all the time. And really, its application in the world of educational assessment is not very different. A reliable car is one that you can count on to perform consistently (it always turns on). Read slide. Ex. Thermometer that fluctuates greatly within a few minutes = not reliable. A thermometer that always reports a temperature 5 degrees higher than the actual temperature is reliable (consistent), but not valid. Ex. 2 A reliable educational assessment will yield similar results if it is administered more than once to the same group of students (a student who scores highly on the assessment the first time is likely to score highly the second and third…show more content…
When the highest degree is achieved with the usage of experimental techniques in controlled conditions and the independent analyzed effects of variables and dependent variables. The statistical-Conclusion on Validity is measured by the extent to which the conclusion is reached on the variables that can be justified. The main accurancy of designing certain statistical conclusions such as an estimation of the magnitude of the relationship between an independent and dependent variables as in the effect size or degree estimation of statistical differences of a particular assessment. (Rosnow&R, 2008) Validity Data collection methods in human research • Observation • Interviews Administering written questionnaires • The Focus group discussions • The Projective techniques mapping Instruments in human research • Questionnaires • Mechanical instruments such tape recorders. Skilful use of this methods and instrument reduces the chance of biased information and gives a more comprehensive understanding of the topic that is under study. Data collection method in human managerial • Structured observations of meetings and

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