Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social media provides users a wide range of internet sites that allows people to connect and interact with other people around the world (Whiteman, 2014). Social media can also provide an outlet for people to share information. The existence of social media has helped many people in sending information as it is easier and less costly (na, 2014). Since every coin has two sides to it, there are also disadvantages to social media. There are numerous problems that arise to these social media users. One of the problems that users normally face is hacking. Most people has had their accounts hacked before by someone they know or been acquainted. Unfortunately there are other people that has their identity stolen through hacking into their social media…show more content…
However there are certain apps that target girls mostly, where a picture can be photo-shopped or used as provocatively (theresearchpedia, 2015). Since everything in this era has been digitalised, many professions like the military, defence companies and other high security companies are unfortunate. As they have highly sensitive and classified information stored on their database, it makes them vulnerable to most hackers. They would have a major catastrophe on their hands if any information is leaked to the public or even to their enemies (theresearchpedia, 2015). The added advantage of social media is people are able to be whoever they wish since no one will be able to know if the information is accurate but the creator. There has been many cases people have gone too far so as to falsely represent themselves. A lot of users has even been tricked into marrying the person that they are supposed to be in a relationship until they realise it was trap. Some people has even been brainwashed by their friend online to fall in love with them but later regret after being cheated and used (theresearchpedia, 2015). It is said that people who spend too much time on social media tend to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These

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