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Feminism the Movement for Diversity, Equality, Unity Feminism is about the advocacy of women's rights to achieve equality. Feminism is a movement that has the ability to greatly increase the equality of women's rights and opportunities. This movement can also correct the injustices against women as it relates to pay, rights and opportunities. Women have been treated differently than men for centuries. For example, women do not have equal roles in their professional occupations. Women are not offered the opportunity as often as men to hold upper management or leadership positions. Also, if women are given the job, most got paid at a lower wage than their male counterparts. I feel more confident about my future potential in the workforce than…show more content…
Today’s modern women think they have to live up to a higher physical and social standard caused by the extreme pressure men put on them to consider themselves worthy of working in the same role. In addition to having to prove themselves with their brains, women also have to keep up a good physical appearance just to be recognized. Many men judge women harshly for average looks, their weight or being curvier than others. Women of all ages feel they have to wear makeup to look good everyday all because of the pressures men put on them. I feel that women should be judged equally based purely on their ability, knowledge and strength, not their physical appearance. This comes straight back to the fact that women have to put an almost false front forward to let their physical appearance define them over their abilities. I do believe that women should feel comfortable in their own skin and confident with their abilities. Additionally, many women suffer from the pressure associated with their gender based solely on the fact that they were married. In the 1950’s women felt extreme pressure in their marriage from the husband who expects his spouse to be a wife not a partner. It was a woman's responsibility to maintain the marriage and prevent divorce. Many women had to think of marriage as a career that required many home-making qualities. For example, in Margarita Tartakovsky’s, “A Glimpse into Marriage Advice from the 1950s”, “... the qualities of a diplomat, a businesswomen, a good cook, a trained nurse, a schoolteacher, a politician, and a glamour girl,” she stated that it was the responsibility of the women to fix their behavior because that is what would cause their husband to cheat. The feminist movement has the ability to fix the extreme pressure put on women by men. Women can feel comfortable that their peers understand the pressures of their home life and that women that take part in the

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