The Importance Of Psychological Assessment

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A test has been defined as a device or procedure in which a sample of an individual’s behavior is obtained, evaluated, and scored using standardized procedures (Reynolds and Livingston, 2014a). In addition, it is considered as one of the many tools of psychological assessment which is intended to evaluate the basic components of an individual’s cognitive, affective, personality and some other components. Specifically, Reynolds and Livingston (2014b) construed standardized tests as tests that are administered, scored, and interpreted in a standardized manner, which aims to ensure that testing conditions are as nearly the same as is possible for all individuals taking the test. Moreover, Gregory (2015a) postulated that most tests have norms…show more content…
Professionals involved in career counseling also benefit from tests in their function of helping their clients evaluate their career preference. Educators and guidance counselors’ knowledge of assessing students’ academic strengths and weaknesses has emerged to be of imminent importance in assisting high school students in making sound decisions in relation to a career that will best suit their interests and abilities. In addressing these pressing concerns, educators and guidance counselors are perceived to be significant key persons in guiding the students in honing their skills, realizing their strengths and weaknesses and resolving career indecisiveness. Cohen and Swerdlik (2005) proposed that the criteria for a good test would include clear instructions for administration, scoring, and interpretation. Apart from practical acumen, there are technical criteria that assessment professionals follow to appraise the quality of tests and other measurement tools. As professionals in the field of psychology and education would attest, the worth of a psychological test is primarily determined by its psychometric soundness, the two key aspects of…show more content…
Gregory (2015b) regarded that validity is the most fundamental and important characteristic of a test. As the general function of validity is to define the meaning of test scores, reliability is also regarded as significant, too, but only insofar as it constraints validity. As compared to reliability wherein it addresses issues of consistency, validity measures what the test is to be accurate about. As supported by Messick (1995), a psychological test cannot be considered as valid in any abstract or absolute sense, but more practically, it must be valid in a particular context and for a specific group of people. Thus, a valid assessment or measurement tool is one that accurately measures the variable it is intended to measure. Furthermore, Gregory (2015c) affirmed that test developers have a responsibility to demonstrate that new instruments fulfill the purposes for which they are designed. This assumption clearly abets the significance of validating newly developed assessment tools in the aim to meet the highest standards and to ensure its appropriate utilization. Specifically, a measurement or assessment tool’s most important aspect is the manner the results will be utilized and the way those results will impact test takers and society as a

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