Adversity Quotient Review Essay

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Review of Related Literature Foreign Literature Adversity Quotient According to An, J. et al. (2013), stated that it is for the test of reliability of Adversity Quotient Profile (ADP). It includes 297 nurses from tertiary hospitals in Korea. The results were used in 2013 studies in performing various acts in the country. According to Marusak, H. et al. (2017), in today’s events, many children were a survivor of different kinds of cancer, making it one of the stories of modern medicine successions. But behind that, the advancement of these medicines implores to recognize the body resulting to inadequate or difficulties in cognitive, psychological, and emotional aspect. According to Gagani, A. et al. (2016), there were many cases of chronic kidney diseases where reported in clinics every year with an average of 20 per day.…show more content…
et al. (2014, July), patients with a total of 96 with facial injuries and 124 patients with cancer of the head and neck undergo and completed a questionnaire that is self-reported to determine the psychological distress (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and the Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) Scale), quality of life (WHOQoL-BREF), satisfaction with treatment, and willingness to accept psychological support. Patients who showed high levels of depressive symptoms is 39% and reported high levels of anxiety is 43%; in the trauma group is 43% and in the cancer group, 12% had high ASD scores. Patients with poorer QoL reported high scores on the HADS. 40% of the patients of those with high levels of psychological distress were willing to consider psychological…show more content…
According to Swami N. et al. (2014, May), advanced cancer patients have reduced quality of life, which tends to worsen towards the end of

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