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Books are a relaxing way to learn. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is an autobiography by Maya Angelou about a girl growing up in the south facing segregation and the hard times during WW1, as well as, coming of age and trying to find somewhere where she belongs because she is a caged bird trying to be herself. At the age of 3, and her brother Bailey, 4, parents, Vivian and Bailey, divorced and were sent to Arkansas to live with their grandmother, Annie who they call Momma. At the age of 8, her father, Big Bailey, comes to Arkansas to take both kids to their mother in Missouri. Within the little time they were there, Mr. Freeman, their mother’s boyfriend, sexually molests her, and later rapes her. They take it to court and later Mr. Freeman was murdered. The children are taken back to Arkansas. Maya gets a job at age of 10 and then later graduates from the 8th grade.…show more content…
Vivian marries a man and they move to San Francisco and spends the summer with Big Bailey. Maya runs away from her father’s house due to an apology that turned into an argument between her and his girlfriend, Dolores. During the argument Dolores stabs her. After she was stabbed her father took her to get it fixed up and then she runs to a junkyard and learns how to live on her own and experiences diversity. After the summer, she goes back to Vivian and Clidell and thinks that she is underdeveloped and could be a lesbian, not knowing what is it. She then plans to sleep with her neighbor and then gets pregnant. No one notices and she finishes school and then gives birth to a baby boy. In the end, she is set free from her cage and opens her wings. Although I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is about living 1930s and coming of age, the underlying point is perseverance and

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