Therapeutic Alliance Research Paper

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Maintaining the therapeutic alliance is a theme that runs through all of the stages because this working alliance is essential to addressing the tasks of each stage” (p.165) The establishing a working relationship stage also has four other goals that are important when working with this stage. The first one is “working with involuntary clients”, which is not all clients want to be counseled, they feel like they cannot be helped or don’t want help. Working with these kind of clients is not always easy they will not show interest and may show frustration, anger, and may be rude. “Instilling hope and demonstrating respect for the individual, regardless of the behaviors that prompted being mandated to treatment, are excellent beginning for this counseling relationship. Building a strong therapeutic alliance and relationship is of paramount importance” (p.166). The second goal is “creating a climate for change” meaning the social worker and the client need to have a shared relationship where whatever happens in each session the helper and the client are both accountable for whatever happens. The third goal in the establishing a relationship stage is “establishing the relationship”.…show more content…
For clients to feel free to talk about themselves, we need to provide attention, active listening, and empathy. Clients must sense our respect for them, which we can demonstrate by our attitudes and behaviors. We reveal an attitude of respect for our clients when we are concerned about their well-being, view them as able to exercise control over their own destiny, and treat them as individuals rather than stereotyping them”

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