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Prayer in School Prayer in school is a topic that everyone has their own opinion about. Most people are against any kind of religion and/or religious beliefs in school. This world is falling away from the Lord and on its way to hell in a hand basket. People cannot accept what is right anymore. Most people does not even reverence that the Lord Jesus even exist. In this research paper there will be biblical facts and research from the court case that has caused students and teachers not to be allowed to pray in school and some of what happened during this court case. First off, Engel vs. Vitale was the court case name. Reverend Billy Graham shared his concerns with several members of the United States Congress. He was against this matter and was trying to explain to the member of the United States Congress why they should leave prayer in school. After Rev. Billy Graham’s speech in September 1962 the House of Representatives voted to display “In God We Trust.” (Loren, 8) Secondly, Engel v. Vital was the landmark concerning prayer in school.…show more content…
Can people really control if a student wants to pray? Absolutely not because that is what the first amendment is about our religious freedom. Some people tries to take part of the first amendment but if they read the whole thing they would have to allow prayer in public schools. Even before this all came up the U.S. Supreme court has never ruled against prayer or reading the bible in school. (Strauss, 2) Sixth, what students say about the students that pray? They say that the students organize prayer events and turn the school auditorium into a local church. But Fellowship of Christian Athletes they go by all the guidelines that is write in congress after this court case. Students still try to turn in the students that participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Students will say that they are pushing religious beliefs on other people and try to get them in trouble. (Strauss,

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