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Health, universally and appropriately defined by the World Heath Organization (WHO), states that health is “ a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being”(1948). Achieving a state of good health should always be the primary goal for all individuals. In order to achieve a good status of health, I believe that health promotion is an efficient way to inform and educate the public, with the goals of persuading individuals to critique all dimensions pertaining to an individuals health status. The Department of Health Promotion and Behavior has provided a definition, which I believe is the most descriptive and accurate in terms of my own views of promoting health. It states “health promotion is a behavioral science that draws from…show more content…
This definition also includes the importance of education, which I believe to be the foundation of health promotion. Health and health promotion greatly affects the role of nurses. Nurses tend to assume the biggest responsibility in promoting positive health factors to the public, mainly because they usually have the first and most public contact and interaction with the public. It is the responsibility of a nurse to assume the role of ambassadors of wellness (Hartford, 2009). Health promotion is important in the fact that nurses are “required to know how they can contribute to the development of health and the improvement of the health of others”(Whitehead, 2010). Incorporated into health promotion, nurses must also be able to help patients “identify and realize their aspirations, satisfy needs, and assist them in coping with the environment around them” (Hartford, 2009), all to prove the importance of good…show more content…
Instead, all other factors such as physiological, mental, and environmental aspects should also be taken into consideration, because I strongly believe they all contribute to and affect an individual’s overall state of health. It is important for nurses to understand that though health promotion, “different patient groups such as the elderly, disabled, or young children will have different health promotion needs”, depending on their current health state. Also, nurses should be recognized as “patient- focused health promoters” (Kemppainen, Tossavainen & Turunen, 2012). This recommends that nurses should be able to promote different aspects of health to different audience groups, depending on age and specific needs. Mental health is a good example of this. I personally, think that mental health is equally important to the physical well being of an individual, especially in young adults. As Sturgeon (2006) stated, “Mental health is an essential component of health, the close relationship between physical and mental health should always be established”. The environmental aspect, such as a healthy residence or the community that an individual resides in; as mentioned by the Department of Health Promotion and Behavior, also strongly influences an individuals’ overall health. Florence Nightingale exemplified this concept by emphasizing the importance of

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