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In the United States, the early educational process focused primarily on intellectual matters. Schools concentrated on teaching traditional subjects including reading, writing, arithmetic, and religious matters. Most American schools were founded with deeply religious often Christian foundations (Dalleck 4). Physical education remained missing from the public education system for the better part of the nineteenth century. Despite the relative lack of interest in physical fitness during this time period, J.C. Warren and Catherine Beecher made significant contributions to the future of physical education in America (Dalleck 4). One of the most important events in the history of physical education in the United States was the Industrial Revolution.…show more content…
LaLanne began his lifetime career as a fitness instructor. Throughout his life, LaLanne preached the value of healthy lifestyles.The history of physical education took a new direction under LaLanne when in the 1950s. LaLanne developed fitness programs including aerobics, water aerobics, and resistance exercise. He developed numerous pieces of exercise equipment including the first cable-pulley machine, the safety system for doing squats called the Smith machine, and the first leg extension machine. Though LaLanne preceded the modern fitness movement by some three decades, his fitness ideology and exercise programs were correct in approach when judged by modern research (Dalleck…show more content…
If students were really taught how to analyze information to determine truths and did that in the context of just nutrition education, they would be much better served and come away with a much deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts our health. The same can be said for physical education and emotional health. Those three areas are all that need to be covered if done well. There are many excellent public school teachers, but students are far too often not required to analyze the information or universities produce it, the teacher aspects as truth, so it is the truth. That is dangerous and wrong. To change it we begin by educating ourselves teaching others. We the people, each individual, must exercise our individual liberties to learn and teach

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