Importance Of Personal Communication Skills

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Most of us have situations in which we find it difficult to communicate. Improving your written communication skills and being comfortable speaking to people are extremely important. Develop a two- to three-page APA-formatted paper in which you analyze your personal communication skills. Be sure to address the following: communiction is important in any situation , as a society communication is the key that allows us to understand one another and delvelp create realtionships and agree on princial aspects that allows the world to move productivly . .Mind Tools this website was created to understand ways to manage your self among others the sector that I was undergoing was a assesmmet that deals with communication skills that people have…show more content…
"the communication gaps that I have is the fact that at times ,I have trouble with planing my message , before I prepare a message I dont plan as well as I used , sometimes messgaes must be planned for people to understand it with out questioning , there has to be detailed and understood for all parties .Appeal to the audience as well , when messages are understood you must understand the audience that you are sending it too , therefore the language and approach must be understood . Another important note that the website recommends is the term KISS , this work is a great toll for delivering good communication ."Keep It Simple and Straightforward") principle. this makes communication quite effective and direct . the website allowed me to understand certain communication gaps that I can imporve .it can be a clear communication line if I was to try a new approch called encoding , this is when encoding comes up , creating a clear well creafted message .I have to understand and have a clear view on what I want to say to someone or an audience , the message has to be planed and detailed ,therefore the parties must be understood ,so propectives have to be respected and understood . the website mentions that without considering the other person's perspective, it's likely that part of that message will be…show more content…
the problems that I face is decoding a message , and not understanding a message if it is not clear to me . there are points that will help me decode a message so I am able to interpet and send a message clear so there are nnot any mis understanding and communication before and after the dleievery .becoming a active listerner is essential in communication active listening, even if a person may have diffreent propective both sides should listen to each side to communicate .proper edicate when communicating can be helpful as well . there are rules that may apply to this notion . when communcaing with someone or a sudience a person should not interupt nor be distracted when a person speaks , always give good eye contact to the speaker this allows them you are listening and are concerned and are paying attention to them .another important key point that the website suggest is that it is always a good active way to practice .Empathic listening which also helps you decode a message

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