Mismatch Case Study

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction “What do I want to be? What do I want to do?”. These are some questions that keeps on running through the mind of an adolescent individual who is about to take the biggest step in his life, deciding what course to take and later on what work will he have. It is believed that Adolescence is a pivotal stage wherein students set goals for themselves. Their choices are defined by the experiences and influences they have in their lives such as their parents, peers, role models, interests, strengths and weaknesses (Jr, McClain, Musch, & Reardon, 2013). During adolescence, students seek to know themselves better and look for help to discover their identity, and this includes their occupational…show more content…
One’s educational attainment can also be a mismatch if it exceeds what is required of the job which results to over or under qualification, and this is called Qualification or Education Mismatch. One’s accessibility to the job location can also hinder him to get a suitable job or his preferred job and it's called Geographical Mismatch. There's also a Temporal Mismatch, also known as Working-Time Mismatch, which talks about working more or less hours than what a person likes or his inability to work on a preferred schedule. If there is a lack of facilities needed to finish a work accordingly, it's called Spatial Mismatch. Lastly, when one's earnings isn't enough to meet their needs is defined as Earnings Mismatch (Graham & Graham,…show more content…
Scope and Delimitation of the Study This study will be focusing on young professionals, ages 20 to 25 years old, who works as a call center employee in a Business Processing Outsource company. The respondents will be coming from the different BPO companies located in Makati and Alabang. The researchers have chosen this group of respondents to answer their curiosity and questions about the call center industry. The researchers have observed that call center employees specifically those who are agents, finished different college degrees. It is also observed that during the recruitment process of hiring a call center agent the degree earned is not one of the main requirements for you to be employed. Because of these observations, the researchers came to realize and wondered about their reasons for taking the job that they have regardless if it matches their earned degree. The main gathering instrument will be a validated online self-constructed questionnaire. Moreover, the data gathered will be used to assess the effectiveness of career interventions the respondents have received. Significance of the

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