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Lois Lowry publishes a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel titled, The Giver, in 1993. Jonas is an apprehensive eleven-year-old boy who is going to soon turn twelve. He is hesitant towards going to the Ceremony and finding out his job. He lives with Mother, Father, and Lily; and he has two best friends: Asher and Fiona. Jonas lives in an extremely controlled community. The Community is controlled by a group of aged members called Elders. Jonas is assigned to be the Receiver of Memory with the Giver, who is the current Receiver, as his mentor. Through the Giver, Jonas learns about colors, the past, and emotions; most importantly he learns that his whole Community is a lie. He realizes Gabriel has the same eye color that he does. Jonas must rescue baby Gabriel from being released, so he takes him to ¨Elsewhere.¨ In analyzing the novel diverse emotions, logical circumstances, and finally the controversial ethical credibility of the characters are revealed. Throughout Lowry´s novel, emotions ranging from the darkest sadness to brightest joy are revealed. As Jonas is on the way home from school one afternoon, Lowry reveals to us Jonas´ feeling of eagerness and excitement for the upcoming Ceremony by writing ¨Now that is was almost upon him, he wasn't…show more content…
She may, also, be reminding us to be thankful for the freedom we live in today. Those reading of a younger age might see the novel as a ¨cool¨ science fiction story with weird ways of living. An older reader most likely will see the deeper purpose and meaning for the novel. Diverse emotions, logical circumstances, and the controversial ethical credibility of the characters are revealed while analyzing the novel. Lowry ends the novel leaving the reader wondering if Jonas and Gabriel make it to elsewhere. The novel ends in a questionable way; perhaps because the author wil continue to book into a

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