Aroma Crest Company: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility • Economic Responsibility The Aroma Crest Company aims to be a long-term company and profitable enough to stay on the market. Being a profitable company, TAC can fulfill its social responsibility for their employees and people in the society. Also, through this the company may able to innovate and improved its wines that will satisfy the changing needs and wants of their wine consumers. Moreover, profitability also strenghtens the relationship of the company with its stakeholders. • Legal Responsibility The TAC Company will faithfully abide and dully respect all the laws being implemented by the Philippine government . The company will follow all the city buildings requirement, pay the right amount of taxes,…show more content…
In organic farming, farmers choose healthy soils in planting seeds. They also use organic fertilizers which can be manure of animals, compost and crop residues. The Aroma Crest Company ensures that all of the strawberries used in making its wine are fresh and natural. The strawberries grew healthy, through the natural way of organic farming. Also, another advantage of organic farming is it reduces the signs of global warming. Since organic farming refrains the utilization of pesticides and artificial fertilizers which contains hazardous chemicals, it prevents the widely spread of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons, which is the number one cause of global warming. Organic farming also maintains the quality of the soil used in planting, while the usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides can lead to the alteration of the quality of the soil. The company finds that organic farming is a good way of preserving the beauty of our nature. • Lightweighting of Wine…show more content…
The project was entitled “Bayan ng Pagasa” or the Town of Hope, because our beneficiaries which are the squatters living Manila, although they are poor and helpless due to their hardship of being indigent they will fiind and still have hope in this town where great opportunities are open to them.This project aims not only to relocate the poor people in Manila especially those squatters living there but also provide them jobs. The company aims to employ those people and make them a part of the change we want to make not only for the growth and development of the company but also for the change we want to make for our loving

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