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Crushing a home run, scoring a hat trick, or even winning a gold medal are just some of the exciting and fulfilling opportunities for kids enrolled in sports. Sports have been a big part of our country, stretching all the way back to when the Indian tribes played lacrosse up to this day where more than 100 million people in the U.S. watch The Super Bowl (Rapaports). Sports provide us with entertainment and fun, but in fact sports can also help positively affect aspects of life for the U.S.. Obesity, and teen drug abuse are just some of the problems in our society today that can be solved by sports. . Teens who abuse drugs are more likely to fall behind in school or even drop out, but when teens are busy playing a sport for 2 hours a day they are less prone to the substances and “they realize the impact that these destructive activities can have upon their performance” (Teresa).…show more content…
Sports don't only help with teen drug abuse and health, but they can also help kids learn important life skills. First, teamwork is learned through almost all sports because you need to know how to work with the ones around you in every situation. Second, coaches often teach strong discipline on the field in order to have a more organized team, while helping the kids learn to act professional as well. Third, communicating between other players is a huge part of any sport whether it's talking to peers coaches or scouts, players all learn important cooperating lessons that can be carried on with them in the future. Getting more kids to play sports will teach kids life skills and also lower our obesity rates, teen drug abuse rates but still parents and others think sports take too much time away from kids and are too dangerous to

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