Honda Manufacturing Strategy

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Capturing an entire company intact is a better strategy; destroying it is a weaker option. Capturing an entire section intact is a better strategy; destroying it is a weaker option. For business application, a company has to adapt their culture when they enter into new market or invented a new product. Then, company has to find out the customers’ needs so it will be easier to succeed because the products meet the customers’ need, culture, and the environment. Beside that, they do not have to waste their money to promote and advertise their products to the customer because the customers will buy their products automatically because it meet the customers’ needs. However, they have to make sure that the origin elements are maintained. For example,…show more content…
Honda motor has to come out with different strategy and method in facing different challenges among competitors in order to compete in car and motorcycle industry. Over the year, the company has ventured into many industries and is now manufacturing jets and robots. Honda always highlighted that its core business is engines and all the products the company has ventured in is built around them. Company has been growing significantly over the past few years, mainly due to its automobile businessIf Honda do not come out with come strategies that are useful, it cannot succeed in the area and the competitors will make better sales then it. In 2001, American Honda's associate learning and organizational development group that undertook a broad assessment of its approach to training, looking at what was offered, why, to whom and how. Honda should think about the styling of the motor, for the younger,they should some cool-looking motor for them because they are more likely to buy the motor. One focus of this initiative was to deepen the emphasis on quality, which has long permeated Honda's manufacturing operations, within the internal support and service portions of the organization. The challenge laid out for the development group was to improve and extend the delivery of training for employees, reduce their time away from the job for training,…show more content…
Sun Zi concept emphasizes on effective competition with greater utilization of limited resources in the ever-changing business world. Honda can maximize the profit and minimize the cost by offering the suitable products for the customers. Honda targeted a market segment in details to avoid unnecessary expenses in promoting the products. Customers will come to them if their products meet their needs so they do not have to promote their products. Honda has earned the top score over the years because it build cars that are well-rounded, and perform well that meet the customers’ needs. In conclusion, as mentioned by Sun Zi, in strategic management, product must be differentiated from other similar products for targeting different market segment. Honda should introduce a new product that differentiated with other competitor such as Toyota and

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