Pharmed International Case Study

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PharMed International was established as a result of a merger between ValMed (have extensive US operation) and PharmCo, a French-based company. However, this merger might be more inclined to an acquisition of ValMed by PharmCo. After one year merger, they began a new adverse event database system called Vigilance. This system was actually has similarity with the Perspective project which had been started by ValMed earlier, but was put on hold due to the merger. A core team and sub-teams consist of both Valmed’s and PharmCo’s former employees were established, and Didier Armani, a French and I assume previously working with PharmCo was appointed as the Project Manager. However, Didier’s line manager, Lance Paulson I assume was a former ValMed’s employee. The conflict was actually started when PharmCo and Didier didn’t appreciate the earlier Perspective…show more content…
At first, he should be responsible for the project delay since he didn’t supervise Didier quite closely. Moreover, it may be wise for him to coach and guide Didier, so that the project can be aligned to the initial track, instead of bringing new people to solve dispute in the project. These sponsors may be able to solve some conflicts such as disagreement to some key strategic objectives, however the root causes of the conflict which are Didier leadership style and issues left over by merger would not be solved. These root causes eventually can generate new conflicts in the future. Therefore, when staffing important project, some leadership skills should be considered. The candidate in general should pose the seven essential attributes of good leaders such as integrity, empathy, emotional intelligence, vision, judgment, courage, and passion as discussed by McKinney (2011). He/she should be open to learning and follow-able, as discussed by Andersen (2012). Most of them could not be seen in

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