Statement Of Purpose In The Alchemist

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“Fortune smiles upon fools” I do not remember how many times I read “The Alchemist”, however, everytime is like the first time. Closing the book, there is always a voice in my mind “If you really want something, the whole universe would give you a hand”. This belief has gone along with me like blood in my veins since I was a child. Like the shepherd in the book, I am always looking for my dream that I am passionate about. A dream that I have never given up fighting for. I was born in the remote area of the Central Highland in Vietnam and growing up in the poor. When my parents first moved to this place, they started their business with empty hands. I was inspired by their hard work, their stories about pursuing dream and nurturing self values. I consider this environment as an important aspect shaping my personality and steel me to have strong will. My childhood is full of curiousity about the world. Just a little boy, I often asked myself “why not me?” whenever I listened to stories from overseas students on TV. While my parents sometimes…show more content…
My mind was blown by the view I imagined. Inspired by some specialists in oil and gas industry, I was compelled to further my adventures in petroleum engineering. Therefore, during my study, I am seeking a challenging and rigorous graduate program of study or research abroad. I know it is time to turn my dream from childhood come true. I understand that OMV Excellence Scholarship aim to help talented students access a very high standard and in-depth program, which would be great environment to enhance practical knowledge and nurture my dream of becoming a “fire seeker”. Day by day, I have brought up the earnest desire to pursue master’ s degree in petroleum engineering and gain invaluable experience in Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria. I strongly believe that my life is shaped by a long-term vision with some turning points and OMV would be the

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