Career Development Process Essay

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3. Chapter 3: Setting the Stage for the Career Development Process 3.1. Becoming a Career Specialist 3.1.1. Who shall I be? Virtue Ethics or Ideal Personal Traits 3.1.2. Your Moral Compass: Principle Ethics 3.1.3. Continuous Development 3.1.4. Defining Yourself as a Career Specialist 3.2. Labor Market Information for Career Specialists 3.2.1. Terminology 3.2.2. Global Trends Affecting the Labor Market Globalization Slow Economic Growth Rapid Technological Advancement Other Global Trends 3.2.3. Labor Market Trends Unemployment Underemployment Generations at Work Contemporary Career Concepts 3.2.4. Diversity in the Labor Market Gender Inequalities…show more content…
In the same way a pianist needs to finely tune their piano skills to bring the best out of the pieces they are interpreting, you will undergo a complex learning process to develop your skills and identity as a career specialist. This process involves gaining an understanding of not only concepts, theories, models, and interventions, but also about you: who you are now and what are traits you can develop to become a successful career specialist. Most exercises in the Workbook are designed to open the door to your exploration of personal values, beliefs, attributes, experiences, roles, lifestyle, etc. As you move forward in your training and practice, you will become more and more aware of how all these elements have the potential of playing out in the process with your clients. We will explore in this section the ideal traits and behaviors that career specialists need to adopt in their professional development. The ideal traits and behaviors are linked to the ethics of the career development process and serve to guide your transformation into a career
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