The Importance Of Sportsmanship

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Who would you call a good citizen of a company? To get deeper into this, I would like to begin by quoting a real life story here. It was the 4th week of July, Amanwho worked in my friend Raghu’s office was about to leave for the day, he shared with Raghu during the lunch that he was planning to go for a hangout with friends from Mumbai. As he was just about to walk out from his floor, he saw Rahul who was a new joinee sweating and tensed at his desk. Aman reached out to Rahul and asked if everything was alright. When he spoke to him he found that Rahul had to submit a project report the next day which is why he was tensed and worried thinking if he would be able to do it well. Aman after digging deep into the conversation realized that Rahul…show more content…
Sportsmanship is also defined similarly, defined as exhibiting no negative behavior when something does not go as planned--or when something is being perceived as annoying, difficult, frustrating or otherwise negative. In the context of a sport, sportsmanship might mean congratulating the opponent team celebrating their success in spite of the fact that both the team were fighting for the same title or lack of sportsmanship might mean shouting on team players and playing the blame game after loss. In the context of business, imagine an employee who submits their proposal to their superior may be expecting it to be well-received and accepted—it is rejected, instead, and the employee displays good sportsmanship by not complaining about the situation to other coworkers or individuals who may report their behavior to others working for the business. Conscientiousness Conscientiousness is defined as behavior that suggests a reasonable level of self-control and discipline, which extends beyond the minimum requirements expected in that

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