Importance Of Old Age Home In Our Society

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Sometimes due to old age husband or wife died, then condition becomes most critical and worst .Old feels totally isolated and his /her mental condition also get damaged. They got irritated and children feel that they are not part of society and they leave them. Now many ladies who are not working join kitty parties, feel that their in –laws and parent s are only for cooking delicious food for these parties because they do not know how to prepare these things. And old are only for arrangements of such parties. They rarely play cards or tombola with their parents in their parties. They never have lunch or dinner with their parents. So old feel isolation and fall sick. In slum areas money has big problem. Children do not have enough money to take care of their family and they adopt…show more content…
A big part of our population will become burden. So old age home is 5 not an appropriate manner for senior citizens. Seniors are also an important part of our society. Every life has its important. “No one can break a tied bundle of wood. But everyone can break if we lose them”. So we must understand that “unity is strength”. Unity starts from home, then it reaches to our society and our country will unite. No external power can interference in our country’s matter. Hence we will get social, economic and political development. Elders are back bone our society. If they will feel alien, our society will shake and results our country will shake and fall.Our children will adopt western culture and morally they will die. So if we want to make future of our children, we should give honour to our elder’s feeling. WE should believe in them. We should honour their decision. Elders are our guardian, we feel secure under them. They are just like umberallas, who save us from wind, rain, heat. They
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