Pro Democracy Hong Kong Case Study

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Fearless Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Protesters will continue fighting for democracy How many times do the young and innocent have to be imprisoned? How can Beijing continue to deceive the people of Hong Kong with its 1 country 2 systems lie? We will keep sacrificing ourselves for our country’s democracy The re-arrest of Joseph Wong shows that we, as Hong Kong citizens, aren’t staying silent about the ongoing threat to our freedom of political expression. The Communist Party of China shouldn’t be allowed to have drastically changed the political status quo of Hong Kong by having a fully elected Chief Executive and legislature. The foundations of Hong Kong’s society has been built on a British system of freedom of expression and freedom…show more content…
Central Investment from Beijing won’t be forthcoming if Hong Kong turns its back on Beijing with things like infrastructure, contracts overseas, and help with macro economic measures There wouldn’t be any inward tourism from China, affecting Hong Kong’s economy even more It’s common sense. If Hong Kong’s 26 Kilometer of the high speed rail wants to tap into this massive network of high speed trains in the mainland, we have to have colocation. If not, people would have to get off the train or cross the border, and then find yet another train, which really doesn’t make any sense. China’s own system is something being guaranteed under the Basic Law. I am thoroughly aware of the lack of understanding from the Hong Kong citizens so as Chief Executive, I will try my best to prevent the misunderstanding and help the two legal sectors. A lot of Hong Kongers believe that I have forgotten that home and cultural dynamics have changed, and supposedly multiple generations don’t longer live under one roof. This is incredibly incorrect. In the past 5 years, 4 and a half of which I was Chief Secretary, Hong Kong’s social welfare program has grown by

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