Challenges Seniors Face In Society Today

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Challenges Seniors Face in Society Today One of the largest challenges in society today is aging; once someone reaches the age of 50 or older he or she is considered to be a senior citizen. Studies have shown that seniors make up a good percentage of today’s population. Despite one’s age, everyone has the right to happiness, and this is possible for seniors if their basic needs are tended to. Demands of seniors have changed over the years; older adults are not always treated fairly because of their age. Not only do older adults have to deal and cope with their bodies and physical mobility changing, but they also have serious challenges they have to cope with. For example, some seniors do not have the means to cover the care they need, which…show more content…
Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, mental, or financial it is a pressing challenge for seniors (Martins, Neto, Andrade, and Albuquerque, 2014, p. 206-209). Research has shown that some family members are mistreating their elders and abusing them in many ways. For example, some take money from these older adults or even force them to sign paperwork which leaves the family members his or her assets against their will, because they are scared and depend on them. Each form of abuse is very upsetting. As reported, the most common abuse is the abuse that occurs at home. Martins et al. (2014) discovered that “the psychological abuse and physical abuse are extreme and unacceptable types of maltreatment” (p.206-209). This abuse is physical and mental; the way seniors are treated is so despicable, especially coming from their own family members. Another factor in elderly abuse was discovered by Walsh, Gibson, and Brown (2016), who explained that older adults have a list of fears, and at the top of those worries was overloading their families with providing care for them since their insurance would not cover it (p.408-417). Sometimes the extra burden that the caregiver carries by taking care of their older loved ones can be a trigger for abuse. These older adults think of the burden that they are putting on their families and already feel…show more content…
Our elders have gone through their whole lives, and now at their weakest they do not get the basic needs they need to survive. Dealing with depression, neglect, and financial stability are a big burden for these seniors to carry. What needs to be changed in order for these seniors to be happy in today’s society are these challenges. These challenges need to be addressed and we have to work towards goals to fix them . Therefore, family members and caregivers need to take more initiative in helping these older adults instead of abusing them. In addition, the government should provide more efficient funds and living conditions for these seniors. At this rate, if something is not done about these challenges seniors face there will be worse consequences everyone will have to deal with in the long run because no one stays young forever. Done

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