West And Bambara The Lesson Analysis

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It is in a humans nature for people to desire the next best material possessions. Our yearnings for expensive things are an attempt to satisfy are needs to our wants. We live in a world where most of our society defines "socially acceptable" as the material possessions one owns such as, the latest clothing trend, the most luxurious home, or the newest fastest car. Success is what everybody in this world strives to achieve, but not everybody can taste it because they do not know how. No matter what social class you're born into, you must be the change you wish to see in the world. To be successful you must make decisions, you must know what you want to accomplish, and you must create plans to get the ultimate results you want for your life.…show more content…
Because our society today is built around the power of success, parents push to educate their kids earlier in life, so they can outperform other kids in their classes. The process of growing up can be gradual but when a transformations occurs abruptly and unexpectedly it can be difficult to handle. In the stories "The Lesson” written by West and Bambara's the authors prod their readers to consider what lessons young people should learn about the world's imperfections. Through the vivid lenses of the main characters we see how the children encounter and process injustice in the stories, and how the reader is to understand the particular…show more content…
Bambara, uses imagery, intonation, and characterization to allow the reader to explore the story through the eyes and sentiments of the main characters. In the land of opportunity there is unlimited ways for an individual to make it big. You can be born into poverty and die wealthy, money is power and because of the mighty dollar people cherish education and hard work. However, children who are born into poverty have it much harder then kids who are born into a stable household with a decent income. It takes more effort and dedication from children who have no money to rise above their peers, and conquer success. Because they started from the bottom, they face many obstacles such as their economic status along with their culture. From the beginning of the story, it is clear that the kids living in the harlem projects of New York, are a distracted group of city kids. Poverty is a way of life for these children. Although they’re poor, it doesn't bother them because everyone they know around them is just as poor as well. It okay to be without money in the projects because there isn't any competition amongst others. The children don't see why they should try hard, because they don't think they could ever be successful one

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