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The entire word world, one hundred ninety-five countries and one place to go,the possibilities are endless. The hard part is choosing which place would meet the specific criteria of one's personal preference. Of all the countries in the world that caught my eye, the one that drew my attention the most was Tokyo, a suburban area in the island nation of Japan. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to visit this fantastically diverse place off the of the southeast corner of the continent to the right of Europe, which is Asia. To begin with, there is very little to no pollution anywhere that can be walked in Tokyo. Around every corner there is cleanliness for miles on end, the combination of this and fashion forward shopping have led to Tokyo being one of the most popular places on Earth. Also, this area is known for its unique culture, not just in food, but also in structural architecture and ways of dress such as the Harajuku district in which teenagers specialize. Finally, Tokyo is a vastly beautiful section of Japan, it is visited every year by millions of tourists that want to see the area’s almost untouched land that holds a surprisingly large amount of beauty. As can be seen, the place I to visit is a very different and diverse region with tons of culture and hospitality to go around. First of all, the Earth’s air has already been polluted enough and it really would…show more content…
These examples include, the lack of pollution, the unique Japanese culture, and the beautiful scenery that tops it all off. In my opinion, these are fantastic reasons to visit Tokyo. So, out of the seven continents and one hundred and ninety-five countries this is where I want to go and I hope that the people reading this now understand my point of view. The endless possibilities have made this an impeccably difficult decision. The next time I go on vacation, I will be going to

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