Persuasive Essay On Disobedience

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There will be times when you will really need to correct your child and you can’t just turn a blind eye, or let some attitudes pass unnoticed. Your children should know that disobedience will be treated accordingly to what you have determined as corrective measures. As long as you are fair and the correction is within the seriousness of the offense, they can protest and complain, but they will finally understand and comply. Children, if not corrected on the proper times, will grow up to be undisciplined and without respecting authority, whatever it may be. If they notice that they can do whatever they want and will not receive any warning or punishment for it, this will seed in their hearts what will later become a rebellious teenager. You…show more content…
They will subconsciously attach that feeling of punishment to household chores and will not feel joy when they have to do them themselves. Keep the same routines when it comes to these responsibilities, just aim your correction at leisure and personal activities. Avoid at all times to correct them with physical punishments. I know that this is a contentious subject among parents, so I will not go into this. I believe that each parent has their own intentions and that a good parent will not hit their child without a strong reason, considering the seriousness of their children mistakes and their potential dangers. For me, whenever I even shout at one of them, it hurts me more than to them. But, I really love them and I really want them to understand that they crossed lines that are not acceptable, now or when they grow older. After the correction measures are taken, give them time to think about it. You can work together with your partner to dialogue with your kids. Sometimes they will not listen to one of you, they will listen to the other. Follow up with times for repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. Cover these three steps in the

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