Importance Of Listening Comprehension

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After having a clear idea about the speaker, it is necessary to start analyzing the aspects related to this topic. I find it difficult to understand natural speech which is full of hesitation and pauses. Statement number 10 shows that 38, 4 % of the participants said that sometimes they find difficulties to understand natural speech which is full of hesitations and pauses. As it is observed, this aspect does not create listening comprehension difficulties on students. Natural speech which is full of hesitation and pause affects negatively in the process of listening comprehension because the listener cannot understand the listening passage. Hesitations and pauses in spontaneous speech cause perception problems and comprehension errors for non-native speaker (Hasan, 200). In addition, Buck (2011) affirms that hesitation that slow down the speech rate do aid comprehension for L2 listeners, and this applies to both filled and unfilled pauses, as long as the listener recognise these as fillers,…show more content…
Based on this, it is important that the teacher pronounces them in a clear and understandable manner for the students and/or audience in a classroom setting. Wong (1993) argues that the importance of pronunciation is even more distinct when the connection between pronunciation and listening comprehension is considered. As listeners expect spoken English to follow certain patterns of rhythm and intonation speakers need to employ these patterns to communicate effectively. If the rhythm and intonation are different, listeners simply can not get the meaning. Similarly, listeners need to know how the speech is organized and what patterns of intonation mean in order to interpret speech accurately. Thus, learning about pronunciation develops learners´abilities to comprehend spoken

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