The Pros And Cons Of Surrogacy

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Surrogacy is an advanced reproduction technology assistance program that helps another woman’s inability to get pregnant with an intention to carry and deliver a child that is not biologically hers. The child will be fostered by the original parents or generic parents, once the child is born. With this unique approach, childless couples are given a chance to give birth to their own child/children. This paper will talk about three topics and give a vivid description of each topic in leading to the results of surrogacy. The most trending topic has become whether or not to legalize surrogate mother or outlaw. This has been a hot topic for many decades that has also brought about a strong debate between the world of medicine and human rights.…show more content…
Although the given definition is basic it’s the simplest form of defining the term, however. There are two different ways to be categorized in surrogacy, this categorization is based on whether the surrogate mother is paid or not, can be categorized into two kinds, the commercial one,and the altruistic one. In the commercial surrogacy, the surrogate mother is paid, and it is the payment that gives people a feeling that a surrogate is making money with her body, which is the primary source of controversy over surrogacy. As to the altruistic surrogacy, no payment is given to the surrogate mother. In the countries that legalize surrogacy, such as, Australia and Canada, it is, usually, the altruistic surrogacy that only is given the legal…show more content…
For infertile couples and single-sex family, legalizing surrogate mother complete their family. After all, what “family” stands for is “Father And Mother I Love You”. Support 2: Legalizing surrogacy helps women with emergent financial needs, such as raising a family or paying the medical bills. People who tend to outlaw surrogate mother claim that human should not make money with their body. Chang Lee-Ming, a doctor from Wanfang hospital, states “In allowing people to make money with their bodies, society demeans itself.” However, if there is another possibility, who would want to make money with their body? The easy and comfortable lives we lead sometimes make us unable to think about how hard someone else’s life could

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