The Importance Of Listening Skills

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Listening skill is vital in language learning because aural input helps language acquisition and language use. Without understanding the input at the right level, any learning simply cannot begin. Spoken language provides a means of interaction for the learner, since learners must interact to achieve understanding, access to speakers of language is essential. Listening is an interactive process because for comprehension the brain acts on the impulses that bear various cognitive and affective mechanisms. The strategies, which are used in listening skills, can help listening to be successful. One can enhance his /her listening skills via using some strategies. Should one pay attention to the content of the text being listened or should he or she also know how to listen? Of course, being aware of how to listen increases the chance of being a more effective listener, in other words, makes a person an effective user of strategies. What is a strategy? In various sources, it is defined differently; according to Jack C. Richards [4. 11.] strategies are the ways that can help a learner how to manage and deal with a task. JJ. Wilson explains, “Strategies consist of conscious, deliberate behavior which enhances learning and allows the learner to use information more…show more content…
For the practice of this strategy in listening for general development purposes one can judge the progress of listening according to predetermined criteria and weigh up the strategy productiveness. Furthermore, judging the effectiveness of learning goals and objectives is one of the beneficial steps in evaluating. In addition to this, for the specific listening task a listener is recommended to check the accuracy of what is understood from the listening, evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy used in the task, judge the total understanding of the listening material [4.
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