Listening Comprehension Case Study

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Chapter 1: Introduction The current study is intended to explore instructional solutions to problems in employing appropriate listening strategies faced by my students of Listening 3 class. As the problems observed in my Listening 3 class are similar to those observed by some researchers in the field of Foreign Language Teaching (FLT), my study will benefit from previous research results. Much of these results has influenced my study. The teaching of English academic listening in foreign language classrooms has been reported in some research to have obstacles which are the results of inaccurate teaching procedures and/or inappropriate use of strategies by the students. In some research in different instructional settings, researchers have reported that listening is the language domain which is difficult to learn; therefore, it is difficult for learners to make progress, or if they do, the progress is not as significant as that of the other three language domains, reading, writing, and speaking (Arnold, 2000; Chen, 2005; Field, 2004; Goh, 2000; Graham, 2006; Hasan, 2000, Thompson & Rubin, 1996). Regarding problems caused by inappropriate use of strategies for listening, Goh reported ten listening…show more content…
The study will explore how metacognitive listening strategy instruction can be best incorporated with cognitive listening strategy instruction to improve student listening comprehension. Thus, the question to be answered is: How can metacognitive listening strategy instruction be used to develop the listening skills of the third semester students in terms of listening for gist, listening for main idea, listening for details, and listening for

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