Importance Of Related Literature In Reading

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This chapter presents a review of literature and studies relevant to the study. The essential concerns that emerged in this chapterare the use of audio-aided materials in reading,reading, reading difficulty, andreading comprehension. The related literatures and research findings are taken from some websites on the internet, foreign books, foreign studies, and local studies. Foreign Literatures Audiobooks and Reading Aloud The benefit of audio-aided reading for improving reading skills is relative to that of audiobooks or reading aloud. Since the reading process is developed through oral language, audio-aided reading simply provides another opportunity for more understanding and appreciation of students on the written word. Audiobooks create…show more content…
In fact, Hermosa (2002) acknowledged that: “reading is older than writing or printing or even language itself. It begins with wonder at the world about us.” With that concept, perceiving things or wondering things around us is likewise reading. Hermosa (2002) in the book entitled The Psychology of Reading further explains that: “throughout history man has read many things: from flight of birds, the guts of the sheep and the life lines on the hand, etc.; man has read but whatever he has read and however he has read, it has always been for reasons.” Therefore, through reading human beings are able to manage or deal with human experience. It is an everyday reality that we have to know reading to be able to communicate with other people, for instance we need to read to know life’s basic…show more content…
There is a possibility that the interaction is unique in its own way. The meaning produced by a certain reader may not match exactly with meaning created by the other readers. Consequently, each reader has different sets of experiences and different knowledge that they bring into the reading experience. Barr also views this kind of idea (in press; Barr, Blachowicz, Katz and Kaufman, 2002) that readers construct meaning from the print they perceive using context and prior experiences to interpret what they

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