Youth Unemployment In Pakistan

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Abstract: The main purpose or idea of writing this paper is to analyze the issue of youth unemployment in Pakistan. This paper has presented the descriptive analysis of youth labor market. Data that has been collected and examined in this paper shows that a significant number of youth enter into the labor market at the start of their career or at an early age. And in general these young people face high unemployment. It was also noted that there is huge difference between male and female labor participation rate. Female have low employment rate as compared to male. An important comparison has been made in this paper that is the comparison of young unemployment rate among different province of Pakistan, like youth in Baluchistan are more willingly…show more content…
Unemployment is one the major issues confronted in YOUTH today. Youth unemployment refers to the share of labor force ages 15-24 without work and are seeking jobs. Many youth enter into the labor market but few of them get a good job other get just a reasonable job and some other remain unemployed for the longer period of time. Most of the developing countries have high youth unemployment rate. Similarly Pakistan is one of them. Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world having total population of 185,132,986 people in 2012-3013, out of this 28,734,533 are part of labor force. However the labor market of Pakistan faces a lot of issues and challenges like low labor force participation rate, high unemployment rate, low level of skills and education, low female participation rates and high youth unemployment rate. Youth unemployment in Pakistan is one of the major and important issue to be…show more content…
Faizunnisa (2005) found that, 50 percent of young male in Pakistan are in lowest income quintile start working before the age of 15 which leads to fewer opportunities and earnings later in the life. Sultana (2005) also found that in Pakistan young male and female in rural areas are twice as likely as their urban counterparts to start working before the age of 15. Similarly Mroz and Timothy (2006) analyzed the effects of youth unemployment on labor market earnings. They also found that unemployment experience could affect earnings adversely as long as ten

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