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For the first skills assignment I will be focusing on the listening skill by referring to top-down and bottom-up processes since it usually involves both processes. Top-down process, on the other hand, will be my main focus as I have realized that students in my teaching context, most of whom are at A1 level while a few are at A2, are trying to understand each word they hear rather than trying to understand the general idea. Besides, in my current teaching context listening skill has been neglected, as it has not been assessed until recently. I believe the students need to be trained systematically in order to make use of listening strategies, which will probably help them understand what they hear with less frustration. To do that, they need…show more content…
review of questions or task inferring new vocabulary/examination of functional language. According to the table, it is clear that there is always a pre-stage that prepares learners either for vocabulary they may be unfamiliar with or for setting context and building motivation. However, in some cases pre-stage is neglected, and this is where learners begin to feel frustrated since their schemata is not activated to be familirized with the listening input. Learners’ scripts –schemeta- should be activated before they listen so that they can predict what to hear and get the general meaning using their prior knowledge about the topic, which leads us to the well-known process of listening:…show more content…
my experi¬ence buying postcards at an Austrian museum. I speak no German. Having calculated that the postcards would cost sixteen schillings, I walked up to the counter and gave the clerk a twenty-schilling note. She opened the cash register, looked in it, and said something in German. As a reflex, I dug in my pocket and produced a one-schilling coin and gave it to her. She smiled and handed me a five-schilling coin. In this example, his prior knowledge of the situation at a store - non-linguistic knowledge- helped him although he did not understand what the clerk had said and he was able to take action without speaking German. In another anectode (p.3) he states that

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