Receptive Skills Essay

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1. State the challenges that an EFL learner would encounter when learning receptive skills. How could he/she overcome such challenges? Receptive skills for EFL are those concerning receiving information and can be identified as listening and reading. Students must process a text (either in written or audio format) and the way in which they do this and the usefulness of the process depends of course upon the teaching methodology employed during the activity. . Receptive skills pose challenges for EFL learners f or many reasons, beginning with their exposure to texts of different kinds and the skills they have in this area of L1. A student used to reading only scientific articles or reports in their native language could struggle…show more content…
As these skills are generally subconscious, it is important for teachers to make students aware of this meta-cognitive process, to give them the tools and enable them to use them. The suitability of texts for a mixed class, concern ing topic, genre and level of difficulty, is fundamental in encouraging receptive skills. Wha tever the students’ existing micro and macro skills, interest and usefulness of the te xts presented in class is key to encouraging motivation, as is the need for the teac her to provide a useful purpose to read and understand. Just as in real life, we read or listen for pleasure (books, magazines, radio, TV, etc.) or out of necessity (ma nuals, directories, announcements, timetables etc.). Especially in classes of mixed ag e and interests, finding topics which will motivate all students is a challenge. Even if the student does not feel interest in the topic, teachers must provide useful tasks and follo w-up activities to give the activity a purpose, in this case, to learn English. These usef ul tasks can be broken down into several stages and levels of

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