Importance Of Learning Experience In My Life

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Today was an interesting and amazing day. It was the first day in which we were able to do a lesson for our assigned class. Gaby and I came up with a lesson to teach adjectives for smell and taste. At first I was nervous but after being in front of the class I became a little more comfortable. Seeing the children so engaged and attentive made me realize that all the work Gaby and I put into the lesson was worth it. Sometimes I forget how much people actually appreciate what we do. In school (TAMUK), I would sometimes feel a little incompetent but today I realized that this is a learning experience and sometimes I have to believe that I am capable of doing anything if I give my best. After the lesson, the teacher told us we did a great job and Gaby and I felt so honored to hear that. Something I noticed during our lesson was that there were a couple of students missing. I remembered that the teacher stated that it is not unusual for students to miss on a regular basis. I began to wonder in what kind of situation their…show more content…
As I read to him and asked him questions about the story, he was very excited. I then remembered that they don’t have story time in class or at least in their week schedule. In my opinion, whether children know how to read or not, story time is very important. It helps them with their literacy skills. Although they are not reading now, maybe they are making connections between the letters and sounds and realizing what words are formed when certain letters are combined. Keeping this in mind, Gaby and I decided that we should have a story time tomorrow as one of our lessons. As we read the book, we could hand each student felt board for “The Hungry Caterpillar” and have them come to the front of the class and present their felt board item. I think this will really get them talking and will give them the opportunity to interact amongst each

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