Personal Narrative: Obtaining A Driver's License

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Obtaining a driver’s license gives a teen a level of independence previously unknown to him or her. When I reached my sophomore year of high school, my parents thought that I was mature enough to gain this privilege and my father purchased an online course to teach me to drive a car. I thought little of learning to drive before my training began, feeling neither particularly enthusiastic nor apprehensive towards the subject. However, looking back on that time, I see that obtaining my license required much more effort than I had thought it would and that the experience reinforced some basic truths of life that I had been told all of my life, but that I had never completely taken to heart. Practice is necessary to become a master of any skill. As a student who is naturally proficient in schoolwork, this is one truth I…show more content…
Over the course of the months that my driver’s training took up, I spent more than thirty hours reading the course’s textbook and another thirty hours driving in and around my neighborhood for practice. I believe my previous apathy towards learning to drive was because I thought that the experience would be a speedy process, so the number of hours required understandably baffled me. All of the adults made driving look so simple and effortless, so I thought that it would be a simple matter for me to learn. That thought process ceased when I was first put behind the wheel. Driving a car for the first time was a much more frantic experience than I had expected. Initially, driving at a speed faster than ten miles per hour terrified me, even on a straight path in an empty parking lot. One specific memory of me hitting the accelerator when I was supposed to hit

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