Broiler Chickens Case Study

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The traditional channels of distribution will be considered in the marketing of broiler chickens. Generally, broilers are distributed in the market through middlemen and wholesalers. The role of middle men is to identify a farm and negotiate the pr. In some cases, the middleman provides Day Old Chicks and other farm inputs (feed, etc) to the broiler farmers and then agrees to buy back the mature birds from them. Birds will be transported to the urban market (Ojaoba along Adesida Road, Akure) and will also be sold to the retailers or market street poultry shops and also the broiler cropped will be supplied to the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and institution and or individual and corporate bodies who wish to purchase such on the farm at…show more content…
In this feasibility study, all the calculations will be based on a flock size of 3,000 birds, with raising six flocks per year. There will be a lag time of two weeks for cleaning and fumigation of the farm. Mortality rate is calculated at 5 % 2.5 Source of Fund The source of fund (equity capital # 10,000,000 and loan granted N15,000,000) 2.6 Assumption • This report is based on the production period of six years. • Stocking rate is at 0. 1 sqm per bird floor space. • Interest on loan was calculated at 10% per…show more content…
1 Day Old Chicks The chicks would be of uniform size, active, alert and bright eyed and would be gotten from a reputable hatchery which is, Ajanla Farms Nigeria Limited. 3.3.2 Brooding Proper brooding temperature is required to keep the chicks in comfort. Coal pot will be used for supplying heat at the stage of brooding in the poultry farm. As chicks grow, the temperature will be reduced by reducing the number of coal pot in the pens depending on the reaction of the birds to heat. 3.3.3 Feeding The birds will be fed with the following two types of ration and it would be ad lihititm. • Broiler starter: It is fed to the broiler birds up to four weeks of age • Broiler finisher: It is fed to the broiler of more than four weeks of age and continued till the age of marketing. 3.3.4 Housing The chicks will be kept in a clean, dry and well-ventilated room. Broiler house would be properly ventilated as this provides the bird's fresh air and carries off moisture in the pen. The entire building including litter and all equipment would be fumigated. 3.3.5 Feeders Adequate feeder space would be provided, ideally, one pan type feeder is sufficient for 50 birds. Therefore, for 3,000 birds, 60 feeders would be

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