Time Management Reflection

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Time Management I learned a lot from this topic. I took some tips from this lecture and performed them in my study schedule, in specific making use of prioritizing and scheduling activities during the day and week. For the prioritizing, I also prioritize the activities on a table of importance and urgency. As a result of Time Management strategies, I feel I am more organized, and I am able to achieve more effort in less amount of time. By attempting to be organized, I decreased the time needed to look for documents, files, folders, etc. Also, I think that I am self-controlled and more responsible. All of this has led to decreasing the stress in my life, which is important for my overall health. I no longer cram for exams, but rather spread…show more content…
I had never considered these things formerly. I especially love the pre-class activity to determine my own learning style. This is going to be an advantage to me, as I change my method of studying and learning. In that part of the lecture, opinions were given on how to alter and adapt one’s learning strategies to reach one’s learning style. For instance, as a visual learning, I have to have notes, do lists, take pictures, graphs, and charts, use color coding to prioritize the important information, and use flashcards. This could aid to improve my studying and my function on…show more content…
I realized that the complication of being a leader in the health system and wonder how people can control in such positions. They face the challenge of giving high-quality patient-centered care while dealing with different patient groups and health care needs. It looks health care needs are becoming more complicated in our present time. This lecture aided me to thank the complication of leadership skills and the different qualities that are related to effective leadership. These involve such characteristic as communication skills, responsibility, cooperation, integrity, the capability to affect others, and to limit conflict. It is important to be a person of high morals and values as this will have an influence upon interaction and working with other people. I am hopeful this knowledge will help me in being a more effective leader, both during my university study and my job. Leadership skills are something you can use throughout your

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