Being A Pediatric Nurse

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Do you ever feel stressed or even overworked in life? Nurses work long hours everyday and do as much as they can. Do you think this is stressful? Pediatric nurses uses their knowledge to treat children under the age of 18. These nurses are limited to small things such as taking tests and examinations (“Pediatric Nurse”). I have seen nurses in action before and they are very good at their job but they have to move fast. Nurses work a lot because they need more help around the hospital. Nursing is a very stressful job because they're understaffed and overworked; however, there are ways to solve this problem. One of the most common issues that nurses deal with is extreme stress due to long work hours. Nurses are exposed to stress and illnesses…show more content…
Nurses have multiple responsibilities but one is more important than others. Being a Pediatric nurse means you must be good with patients and talking to people. So imagine if you’re overworked to the point where you have an attitude (“Pediatric Nurse Career Guide”). To be a good Nurse you have to know how to talk to people. Everyone gets angry when they are tired or stressed. Nurses experience this a lot because the hospitals are understaffed. Nurses need to have this skill because they can annoy their patients. If patients are not treated by the best nurses their could be a problem. Tersigni speaks for nurses, “I was always stressed when I worked, afraid to get sued for making a mistake or medical error,” says Tersigni, who was working in the heart transplant unit of a North Carolina hospital. “Plus, working the night shift caused me to gain weight and stop working out” (Gupta).Nurses stress over there work because of the decisions they make. One small decision can mean someone's life on the line. Also working on different occasions can cause nurses to be tired after not enough sleep. Patients cause stress to as it says, Negative patients may be mean to nurses and waste time which will ruin the reputation of the hospital also if nurse is not in the room quick enough when the patient needs them (“10 Ways Overworked Nurses Are Hurting Hospitals”). Nurses get stressed when a patient is not cooperating. Patients tend to think they know better then nurses and end up giving them a hard time. Nurses find this annoying and it only makes their job

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