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Introduction: Kaas Plateau, also known as Kaas Pathar is a volcanic plateau located near Satara. This 1000 hectare plateau has only recently gained popularity, since it was declared a bio-diversity site by UNESCO in June 2012.Kaas Plateau is Maharashtra’s answer to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand and it comes alive after the rains when the entire region is carpeted with flowers. The plateau is full of wild flowers during the months of August and September and the blooms last for about two to three weeks. During this time the whole plateau resembles a carpet with flowers of every hue from the color spectrum. There are more than 450 different species of flowers, orchids and carnivorous plants found in Kaas. Due to its beauty, every year…show more content…
From Satara, Kass plateau is about 22 km and the drive up to the valley is quite picturesque. The total distance from Mumbai to Kass plateau is 280 and takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes. From Pune - A four- lane highway connects Pune and Satara. The 3 hour drive to Satara from Pune can be made easily in one's own car or in a rented car. There are also buses that ply between Pune and Satara. From Satara, Kass plateau is about 22 km and drive is pleasant most of the way with the views getting remarkably spectacular near the Kass plateau. The total distance from Pune to Kass plateau is 150 km and takes about 3 hours. Where to stay: There are no hotel facilities at Kaas Plateau. Some locals do provide home stay facilities in the nearby villages. For proper accommodation can be found in Satara or Mahabaleshwar. Where to eat: On the Kass plateau, you're not allowed to carry any food but before you reach the top, there are a few small food and beverage stalls on the roadsides. These small eateries offer Maharashtrian fares like Misal Pav and wada pav etc. Travelers coming from Mumbai and Pune can halt at Satara for a break where they will find restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines. Ideally tourist must carry their own

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