Early Childhood Observation Paper

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Summary: The findings of this project has been really motivating to me as an early childhood educator because this project provides me a chance to set up the stimulating and appealing outdoor environment for the children’s learning according their interest. Projects positive results will be very fruitful to me in my future prospects as I improved my teaching in the outdoors in my three weeks practicum placement. This project glances my curiosity in primarily two aims such as to get more self-confidence in setting up an outdoor experiences and also continue to support their physical development. But the part of this project I found most fascinating was the methods I used to achieve this project such as partnership with the families. I found that Family is a central part of the child’s life and by building a trusting relationship as a teacher we come to know more about child’s interests, likes and dislikes. I also found to be a very endowing to know as an early childhood teacher that the children’s interest has a significant importance in setting up the outdoors and it also exceptionally impacts on their learning as well. The results I found during my evaluation was really fascinating to me when all the children…show more content…
The findings of my project results strongly suggested that the children who are having learning journey in the outdoors no doubt perform better than indoors learning and also increase their respect towards the nature. My project also reported that as an early childhood educator, I promoted a sense of belonging and pleasure in the children as they explore themselves while playing with their peers in the outdoors. My project acquired strong senses when I built a trusting relationship with the families and the staff with in the child care settings, so it assisted me to achieve my project

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