Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Authors use many techniques to try to persuade their audience, some are subtle and you do not even realize they are doing it. The articles “The Case For Banning Guns” and “The Case Against Banning Guns” both contain many of these persuasive techniques like figurative language, word choice, ect. A helpful tool that the authors took advantage of is emotional appeal an example is when they bring up events like mass shootings and other tragedies that may have occurred and while you are thinking about these events they tell you ways they think it could have been prevented. Another tool they utilize is statistics and research results these are things that people normally trust without hesitation, but they can be manipulated in many ways like presenting out of date information or biased sampling. Visual displays of data such as pie charts and bar graphs can also be presented in many that can be deceiving. It is my personal opinion that guns should not be banned based on the fact that they are used for many things such as hunting and safety. In the article “The Case For Banning Guns” the author states that 30,000 americans die from guns every year, but they do not mention how many of these cases were in self defense or suicides. Suicide is an awful thing that happens all too…show more content…
Another requirement to own a gun should be passing a gun safety course, just like you need to pass a drivers training course and two tests in order to receive a license. I hope that if a new knowledge of guns is provided to gun owners that the number of gun related deaths will drop for the reason that a portion of these deaths are from unintentional shootings, whether it is a hunting accident or a young child who found their parents’ gun. Even small steps such as these can help save innocent

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